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Antonia is a mentor and dramaturg committed to assisting artists in the creation of new works (The Hiccup Project, Luke Brown Dance). She also regularly facilitates and comperes performances and scratch nights (The Point Eastleigh, Brighton Dance Network).


Probe offers a bespoke outreach menu devised to support educational programmes, audience development and to suit a variety of venues and institutions. These can be tailored for youth groups, students, over 60’s, pre-professionals, universities or any group by request.


Probe’s workshops are about illuminating various working practices. They explore the role of the editor/choreographer working in an interdisciplinary manner, identifying and utilizing the strengths of various art forms, and combining them in the creation of a unified piece of work. Workshops are about adapting and adopting these methods to suit current interests, broaden one’s choreographic tool kit and expand understanding of the current choreographic climate. Antonia is particularly interested in the integration of text within dance and the devising process.


Antonia Grove is also available to participate in panel discussions or debates surrounding issues such as collaboration, cross art form performance, gender politics and the place of women as Artistic Directors and makers of theatre, dance and performance.


Post show discussions are available for every performance and are encouraged.




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