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Probe Project

Probe is a dance theatre company based in Brighton, founded in 2004 by Antonia Grove and Theo Clinkard. Since 2008 Antonia has continued to develop projects for Probe as sole Artistic Director.


“The focus of the work I produce for Probe has become about finding new and interesting ways to integrate dance, text and song to communicate and tell a story. I aim to put the collaborators at the forefront of the work, carefully tailoring an artistic team specific to each individual project. The company is about combining different art forms whilst remaining rooted in physicality – discovering how these elements can exist together effectively in harmony and discord, generating fresh ideas and moving in new directions.


I continue to be driven to create work that deals in both fantasy and reality, with characters that have all the difficulties of real people and tell stories about the complexity of human relationships. From a broader viewpoint I’m interested in how these impact the wider world and finding ways to unite stories of an intimate and epic nature so that they communicate in a way that is both personal and universal. ”
Antonia Grove



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Probe is supported by Arts Council England


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